Xdash communication error

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Xdash communication error

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Ok, so I'm using a Xdash SN151 with my DTA S80. Have experienced some problems with it, and found another used Xdash which I picked up thinking it would be an easy swap.

However, I have a communication error with the new one when I try to upload my screens to it.
It was working with the seller's computer, but it's not working with mine.

Using Windows 7, X-dash 3.18 software
Old X-dash serial number 151
New X-dash serial numer 253
Error code is "Communication Error" when I try to sync between computer and dash (Same for downloading data from the dash)
Just replacing the dash - using the same loom in the car etc so I really cant understand why I don't get it to work.

Where should I start looking?
Is there someway I can reset the "new" dash?
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