Idle Speed Control Valve

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Idle Speed Control Valve

Post by grant620 »


I've got an engine that needs an ISCV. The pipe leading to it when fully blocked to fully open gives me a range of +/-300RPM.

I need a 2 port, 2 pin ISCV that is fully sealed at 100%. Any ideas?
Could possibly use a 3 wire model if needed...
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Re: Idle Speed Control Valve

Post by ignitionautosport »

big old Bosch 2wire one? (I forget part number haven't used one in over a decade haha) I'd just use ignition timing, but assume there's a reason you aren't keen.

update: found an image with part number Image
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Re: Idle Speed Control Valve

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I have one in stock, but make sure you're sitting down if you want a price.
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Re: Idle Speed Control Valve

Post by stevieturbo »

Many valves like the above second hand on egay etc. ( this seems new )...can't comment if they're fully open or closed though

eg ... SwFxJibCY-
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