Clio 172 beckert flat cut

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Clio 172 beckert flat cut

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Im building clio for hill climb. I bought beckert's sequential gearbox and would like to set up the shift cut via potentiometer on the gear box... Now the problem is that i have no idea with what and how to begin to set everything up.. I have s60pro dta. I started a bit from watching forums and wired pot to ana3, 5v and ground, i splitted ana3 and also connected it to gear display. Thats all i did about this and im not sure if even this is right...
Thanks for any possible help
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Re: Clio 172 beckert flat cut

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You will need to update the ecu whilst on line (to the ecu) to tell it that you have the gear pot fitted. This is covered fairly well in the manual. You need to set up all the gear positions in the ecu by selecting each gear and gathering the voltage appearing in each gear. I always do this with the engine running as I believe you get a more accurate reading. Takes longer to type than actually do it.
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