Looking for mapping recommendations, S80 with TC

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Looking for mapping recommendations, S80 with TC

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Hi, nearing the end of a long update project on a Westfield kit car.

I need to start looking at getting it booked in for mapping, in the new year.

The engine is a Honda F20C with Rotrex supercharger, (all fitted, but the engine is currently running on an S2000 base map, with the supercharger bypassed).

I’m use interface the S80 ECU, and have it set up with the four wheel input traction control enabled.

The engine is primarily TPS controlled with MAP sensor compensation.

Ideally, would like to take it somewhere really familiar with the S80 that will be able to tweak things like the traction control, as well as the mapping itself.

Any recommendations?

I’m in Cheshire, but am used to having to travel to places like Northampton Motorsport, (something of a Westfield specialist, but their in-depth knowledge is more Omex and Life Racing, ECU wise), so would travel, for a DTA expert!

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