Start map for BMW S14 needed

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Re: Start map for BMW S14 needed

Postby stevieturbo » Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:46 pm

katana wrote:
stevieturbo wrote:Why would anyone pair up 4 coils to create a wasted spark with 4 coils, when there are 4 outputs ? That makes no sense.

Sometimes you don't have 4 outputs! Not everyone uses DTA or their like! I have a Motec M8 (ancient - yes I know) it has 4 Ign outputs but to run wasted it requires 2 outputs split to run 4 coils via an ign. amp! The Internal amp's cannot drive external coils directly so to run at all, whether wasted or sequential, a Bosch or similar ignition amp is required. It doesn't have the software sophistication to be told to internally pair 1&4 / 2&3 !

I don't think any Motec's had internal amps to run conventional coils ? And If they dont have enough outputs, it's a different scenario entirely.
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