Some of my winter projects;

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Some of my winter projects;

Postby SMR » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:35 am

Hi All,
I thought I’d update you on some of the projects that I’ve been working on this winter.

These are four looms for hillclimb single seaters – using S100 ECU’s to control individual coil-on-plugs, 4 injectors (8 on the two Hayabusa cars), sequential injection with cam sensors, paddle-shift pneumatic gear change and four wheel speed sensors for launch and traction (including two rotary pots);

• PCD Saxon Suzuki GSXR1100W
• GWR Raptor Suzuki GSXR1600
• GWR Raptor 2 Suzuki GSXR1400 supercharged
• GWR Predator Cosworth BDG2000 FTR

As far as they can be, the four looms are identical with respects to functions and ECU pinouts; the two busa systems are fully interchangeable as are the steering wheels for all four cars, despite different dash types. (Full integrated carbon wheel with SX dash is a work-in-progress). Each loom has been custom made to fit each car, but I’ve tried to make cable routes and item locations the same for all four cars if at all possible.
The Pneumatic paddle shift system is my own compilation! Again, trying to use common components across all four cars but with different blip mechanisms and actuator installations.
I used Raychem type 44 wire throughout (just white and black) and a red and purple sharpie to mark the ends of 12v and 5v lines, and fully screened pairs/quads for the cam, crank and wheel speed sensors. All finished off with DR25 heatshrink.
Three of the four are finished and bench-tested with sensors and switches and pretty much ready to fit to the cars. I’ve still to make up wheel speed sensors for two cars and start on the steering wheel curly cables……

PCD Saxon 1100 Steve Marr small.jpg
GWR wiring looms small.jpg
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Re: Some of my winter projects;

Postby katana » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:59 am

Just Googled the GWR Predator - I imagine that must have been a hoot with a V10 in the back!
Nice to see another BDG used in anger........ oh - nice loomage btw.
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Re: Some of my winter projects;

Postby Rob Stevens » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:42 pm

The Predator in arrows V10 form is a highlight in the aural hill climb arena. Air valves and at 3L it sounded magnificent, even when restricted to 15,000 rpm to try and look after it. The engine was tiny, so now the F1 engines must be miniscule.
Such a shame it never quite worked right, despite Grahame's hard work.
Yes very nice loom building.
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Re: Some of my winter projects;

Postby SMR » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:20 pm

So far two of the installations have survived the dyno;
The Predator BDG and the N/A 1600 Raptor - both with very impressive levels or power and torque - thanks to Pip at WGT.
The first carbon steering wheel is complete and just needs the dash prorammed - worked fine on the dyno so a good start!
The S/C Raptor has it's loom and fuel systems installed - just finishing off the steering wheel for it.

So far so good!

Only dissapointment is my own car won't be out for Doune this weekend - my engine builder's dyno is awaiting repaired parts from the States before my engine can be mapped.

The Predator sounds awesome, despite the loss of 6 cylinders and 5 thousand revs!
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