Another can dash display

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Another can dash display

Postby troy » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:00 pm

Last few days I have been working on a can dash display. Similar to tim's as it uses a teensy 3.2 and can transceiver to pull data from the DTA over canbus.

At the moment I am just displaying data on to a 20 x 4 LCD. These displays aren't anything flash but have a few advantages.

They are cheap $5-$10
Easy to read in direct sunlight
Fast update rate
Easy to implement "pages" that can either change based on time or external buttons.

At the moment the goal was just a easy and cheap way to keep an eye on temperatures and pressures in my drift car without the need for extra analog gauges etc.

The 20x4 LCD is really just a test and I might try use a 4dsystems display similar to what tim has used at a later date. I also have a small OLED display here that could be suitable as a small display that I might try.

Looking at adding extra features, possibly GPS, sdcard logging, accelerometers, any thoughts from you guys what you would like to see or would use?

And of course here is the code so you can use or build your own. Im no expert at programming but it is functional. All parameters from the DTA that are broadcast over canbus are decoded and bought into easily usable variables to do whatever you like with.

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Re: Another can dash display

Postby katana » Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:11 am

I envy people that understand this stuff! I can glue components together no problem but understanding how they work together or getting them to work together blows my mind!
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